Music You Can Commit Crimes To (Mike Coletta)

Kane has on first time guest Mike Coletta. They talk about their first time playing video games, their favorite video game and controversial video games. This weeks Video Game Edition Trailer Review: Destiny Source: Your First Time Podcast

Who Shot Tiny Hands? (JR Berard)

Kane is joined by JR “Tiny Hands” Berard. They talk about the first time JR was punched in the head, angry drunks, evil women and stupid men. They cover fantasy football, Broncos, retiring like a champ. Kane takes “First Time” suggestions from listeners and JR picks his favorite topic. This weeks Trailer Review: The Counselor […]

Liquidated Laughter

Kane talks about football and his two big wins, his first time at Liquid Laughs and what Boise, Idaho has to offer. He talks about his facebook war and challenges the listners of this show. Kane also covers video game season, The Last of Us and Tomb Raider. This weeks Remake Trailer Review: Robocop (2014) […]

Grindhouse (Alfred Carcieri)

“Movie Buff” Alfred Carcieri joins the show, they talk about there first time they shit their pants and baby wipes. Kane test Alfred’s movie knowlege, and Kane gives Alfred his review of The Mechanic. This weeks Retro Trailer Review: Easy Money, Gone in 60 Seconds (1974), Vanishing Point and Bullit Source: Your First Time Podcast