My First Time Meeting Jo Koy

  Jo Koy, me and the staff at Tacoma Comedy Club after the last show on Sunday. The best way to describe Jo Koy is: “Humble Rockstar.” I’ve never met someone so nice and easy to talk to, who also consistently crushed seven sold out shows. What is unique about Jo Koy is how sharp his improv […]

Just Dickin’ Around (Kelsey Cook)

This episode Kane has on his co-host, when he feels like it, Kelsey Cook. Kane has Kelsey ask him “first … Source: Your First Time Podcast

My 2nd Time at Emerald City Comic Con, with some first time flava

  Jay’s back from L.A. and it’s like he never left. We can’t stop messing with each other. With Mike Coletta, Aaron Kirby and Jessica Alexanderson.   The panel is fun but confusing, because none of us are famous, no one knows what to ask us. This guy was waiting in line for the show […]

My First Time Meeting Brian Regan

    The first time I had ever seen Brian Regan was on his first and only Comedy Central Presents special. I was 12 years old, and his bit about pop tarts was slaying me. I don’t even think that I fully understood the joke, but his delivery coupled with his goofy faces hit me just right. The […]

My First Commercial Shoot

This is me on set of a DUI PSA. The lady next to me is Samantha Reynolds, a current model and beauty pageant winner. Next to her is Adam Standley, a great actor and a funny dude. The shoot was long and I didn’t have very many scenes, except the crucial one of dying. This […]

My first time on the ‘Eat, Laugh, FIGHT’ podcast

  This was a fun podcast to do with my good buddy James Alberding, we talk about everything and nothing while we drink. Listen Here:  

Ol’ Nev-Nips (Monica Nevi)

On this episode Kane chats with first time guest, comedian Monica Nevi. They talk about her first time thinking that … Source: Your First Time Podcast

In Rod We Trust (Cris Rodriguez)

On this episode Kane has on first time guest comedian Cris Rodriguez. Cris tells Kane what is was like growing … Source: Your First Time Podcast