My First Time on Irrelevant Radio with Mike Merryfield

Last week was full of firsts for me. I got to perform with a guy who was on television the same time he was on stage; Dave Landau on Last Comic Standing. Mike Merryfield was co-headlining at Tacoma Comedy Club and graciously asked to have me on his podcast. A mix of stand-up and sit […]

Breaking Glad

On this episode Kane talks about walking away from drinking, his bad habits and dieting. Kane chats about going to … Source: Your First Time Podcast

Drunk Saga Part 2 (Phil Fox)

On this episode Kane talks with Phil Fox the 2nd time guest. They start off talking about Kane’s thoughts about … Source: Your First Time Podcast

My First Drunk Saga Podcast of 4

My good friends joined me this week on my 51st episode. I decided to do what I do best and kill as many brain cells as I can, while making dick jokes and talking about losing your virginity. Drunk chats with your pals is always fun and a good idea, to record it is another […]

My First Nerd Gripe Episode Nerd Gripe is a YouTube web series I thought of after I saw The Dark Knight Rises and listened to nerds bitch about the movie. Some of the most ridiculous comments came out of these nerds mouths; “With that mask on, how does he eat?” Holy breathing apparatus Batman, thats why you didn’t like […]

Do Your Taxes and Make a Better Movie

On this episode Kane recaps his weeks events and concludes some story lines from last weeks episode. Kane heads to … Source: Your First Time Podcast