Hyper Trivia Hops! What the F@*K?

Recently I was on my first ever twitch channel. Twitch is a channel where you broadcast yourself playing video games so people can watch you. As nerdy as that sounds, and it is the nerdiest of nerd things, it’s a lot of fun. The twitch channel I was broadcasting from is https://www.twitch.tv/hyperrpg The smartest part […]

The Offspeed Podcast with Aaron Kirby & Casey McLain

My good friends at The Offspeed Podcast, Aaron Kirby and Casey McLain, had me on last week to discuss our “Horny Four, who we are horny for.” Coco Crisp, center fielder of the Oakland Athletics, tops my “Horny Four” list. We talk about hecklers at baseball games, the polite heckling that Aaron and I do […]