Hyper Trivia Hops! What the F@*K?

Recently I was on my first ever twitch channel. Twitch is a channel where you broadcast yourself playing video games so people can watch you. As nerdy as that sounds, and it is the nerdiest of nerd things, it’s a lot of fun. The twitch channel I was broadcasting from is https://www.twitch.tv/hyperrpg The smartest part […]

The Offspeed Podcast with Aaron Kirby & Casey McLain

My good friends at The Offspeed Podcast, Aaron Kirby and Casey McLain, had me on last week to discuss our “Horny Four, who we are horny for.” Coco Crisp, center fielder of the Oakland Athletics, tops my “Horny Four” list. We talk about hecklers at baseball games, the polite heckling that Aaron and I do […]

No T.V. and No Beer Makes Kane Something, Something

I have decided to take a hiatus from drinking beer. Today is November 1, 2014 and I will not touch a drop of beer until November 1, 2015. Most people don’t seem to understand why I would want to do this, “How could you go through life with out a buzz?” “Beer is delicious and […]

Permanent Comedy with Todd Armstrong

I had a chance to be featured, with my lovely girl Kelsey Cook, on an episode of Permanent Comedy with Todd Armstrong. It is the first time I had ever performed for a three camera shot YouTube series, as well as perform at Helium Comedy Club in Portland, Oregon. The show is a combination of […]

Two Elephants One Podcast

This week on Your First Time I missed an episode deadline. Due to time and show schedules, also I forget a lot of shit when I’m rushed, I didn’t bring my podcast stuff with me to record. I usually record on tuesday’s and release it on Wednesdays, but this week has been a shit show. […]

My First Director Interview

On the most recent episode of Your First Time with yours truly, I had on film maker Ruben Rodriguez. Ruben is the director of the comedy documentary “SICC In the Head,” a look into the Seattle International Comedy Competition. The episode also includes the most recent SICC contestant Kelsey Cook. Her and Ruben share their […]

My First Nerd Gripe Episode

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gXkpC4SzX4 Nerd Gripe is a YouTube web series I thought of after I saw The Dark Knight Rises and listened to nerds bitch about the movie. Some of the most ridiculous comments came out of these nerds mouths; “With that mask on, how does he eat?” Holy breathing apparatus Batman, thats why you didn’t like […]

My First Time Meeting Jo Koy

  Jo Koy, me and the staff at Tacoma Comedy Club after the last show on Sunday. The best way to describe Jo Koy is: “Humble Rockstar.” I’ve never met someone so nice and easy to talk to, who also¬†consistently crushed seven¬†sold out shows. What is unique about Jo Koy is how sharp his improv […]

My 2nd Time at Emerald City Comic Con, with some first time flava

  Jay’s back from L.A. and it’s like he never left. We can’t stop messing with each other. With Mike Coletta, Aaron Kirby and Jessica Alexanderson.   The panel is fun but confusing, because none of us are famous, no one knows what to ask us. This guy was waiting in line for the show […]