Breast Cancer Fighters UNITE!

A good friend of mine from high school, Ms. Shelby was diagnosed with breast cancer. We just recently reconnected, with 10 years of radio silence since graduation. We both took different paths in life. I decided to pursue the life of a clown attempting to gain the love and acceptance of strangers in dark night […]

“Laughs” Out Loud

Last week I was one of many hilarious comics who were showcased on the new Fox Network television show “Laughs.” Myself and about 30 other comics taped their sets and only a handful were picked to be apart of the last two episodes of the season. Hopefully the show will continue after this season, if […]

My First Time on Irrelevant Radio with Mike Merryfield

Last week was full of firsts for me. I got to perform with a guy who was on television the same time he was on stage; Dave Landau on Last Comic Standing. Mike Merryfield was co-headlining at Tacoma Comedy Club and graciously asked to have me on his podcast. A mix of stand-up and sit […]

My First Drunk Saga Podcast of 4

My good friends joined me this week on my 51st episode. I decided to do what I do best and kill as many brain cells as I can, while making dick jokes and talking about losing your virginity. Drunk chats with your pals is always fun and a good idea, to record it is another […]

My 2nd Time at Emerald City Comic Con, with some first time flava

  Jay’s back from L.A. and it’s like he never left. We can’t stop messing with each other. With Mike Coletta, Aaron Kirby and Jessica Alexanderson.   The panel is fun but confusing, because none of us are famous, no one knows what to ask us. This guy was waiting in line for the show […]

My First Time Meeting Brian Regan

    The first time I had ever seen Brian Regan was on his first and only Comedy Central Presents special. I was 12 years old, and his bit about pop tarts was slaying me. I don’t even think that I fully understood the joke, but his delivery coupled with his goofy faces hit me just right. The […]