Hyper Trivia Hops! What the F@*K?

IMG_3122 Recently I was on my first ever twitch channel. Twitch is a channel where you broadcast yourself playing video games so people can watch you. As nerdy as that sounds, and it is the nerdiest of nerd things, it's a lot of fun. The twitch channel I was broadcasting from is https://www.twitch.tv/hyperrpg The smartest part about this twitch channel is they treat it like a television network. They have several different shows and podcasts, as well as a YouTube channel for those who can't watch the shows live. I was with the big blonde dummy Aaron Kirby for his show called "WTF is This?" Aaron brings on guests and has them play terribly made or weird video games specific to the guest. IMG_3112 The game we played was "Batman: Dark Tomorrow." IMG_3134 They broadcast us playing the game, picture in picture, and talk about what we think of it. This heap of dog shit is so bad, you end up hating Batman by the second level. The graphics of the playable characters are so shitty and lazy it's a wonder any one bought this game. The cut scenes are where the developers spent all their time and money. There is no fluid motion to Batman or the camera angles, by the end I couldn't get Batman up a flight of stairs and I wanted to smash the fucking television. IMG_3121 The second show I was on is called "Trivia Hops." A nerdy, trivia drinking game co-hosted by Aaron Kirby and chief executive overlord of Hyper RPG Zack Something. I searched the internet for his full name but he doesn't seem to have one and Kirby is taking too long to get back to me. So he's Zack Anthony Somethingerother. IMG_3135-2 IMG_3130 On this episode the trivia questions were about the broad topic of Apocalypse. Everything from movies, books and games about the end of the world to characters named Apocalypse. Three teams of two, dressed in adult onesies and only allowed to drink when they get an answer wrong. If you drink for any other reason, Zack Anthony Somethingerother shoots you with a Nerf gun. Three rounds: Round 1- Buzz in and shout your answer Round 2- Write your answer down Round 3- Answer the best way you can and the live feed votes for the best answer IMG_3125 IMG_3124 My partner was the very funny Seattle comedian Anica Cihla. We were killing it in the game, drinking like champs and getting shot at like trespassers. Then the fucking live feed dicks didn't vote for our answers in round three and we lost. The consolation prize was getting hammered on Pike's Brewery tall boys. IMG_3126 IMG_3131 It was a blast and if you enjoy video games, nerd culture and funny people then I highly recommend subscribing to this twitch channel. If you would like to watch either shows click the links below.