Emory's Kane Emory's in Mill Creek, Washington. With Sean Jordan & Cory Michaelis. We look deep in discussion like the Kennedy's but are talking about free drinks at the bar like... The Kennedy's. 12633715_10208504501039523_6934169106746168668_o Me and Jay Hollingsworth after the 2015 AFC Championship game of the Denver Broncos vs The New England Patriots. Jay is a sore loser, also I am a sore winner. We both deserved it. 12118691_10153586162927209_4511165361318899185_n Me, Luke Severeid, Chad Denick, Adam Norwest and Cory Michaelis at the Battle of the Sexes show at Tacoma Comedy Club. I think the men won but I was being molested at the time. 12028821_950064168394390_3328821777788786000_o Me hosting the Local 907 in Renton, Washington. 12191721_10153703648606823_4461697857595380836_n Me & other comics at the taping of Laughs on Fox. 12540820_10153717818075751_8040544280436748968_n Me at Ventura Comedy Club with Matt Baca, Mike Coletta, Kelsey Cook and Casey Moran 11066521_10153704784304377_4890075089354001237_n Kelsey Cook and I at the Laughs wrap party 10425858_10205371270870727_1842099556119547714_n My first taping for Laughs on Fox