The Offspeed Podcast with Aaron Kirby & Casey McLain

images My good friends at The Offspeed Podcast, Aaron Kirby and Casey McLain, had me on last week to discuss our "Horny Four, who we are horny for." images Coco Crisp, center fielder of the Oakland Athletics, tops my "Horny Four" list. We talk about hecklers at baseball games, the polite heckling that Aaron and I do and the best place to watch Seattle Mariner games in Safeco Field. We drink beer throughout the episode purchased at one of Tacoma's best beer tasting rooms; images-1 The Copper Door. Subscribe to this podcast if you enjoy comedy, beer and sports. The host's are funny, stupid and drunk like every sports nerd ever. images-3 Co-host's Aaron Kirby pictured left, Casey McLain pictured right. You can check out the episode below:
72: Hashtag Pimp Kane ft. Kane Holloway
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